Medium Volume Mailing Systems




FAST, ACCURATE POSTAGE RE-CREDITING! IntelliLink® technology provides convenient, one-touch postage refills with PostagebyPhone®. Get up to 55 days free credit with the post now, pay later facility of Purchase Power.

FUTURE PROOF MAILING! IntelliLink® technology provides effortless, hassle free, postal rate downloads and software updates. With IntelliLink® technology you can be sure that your equipment is always up to date.

CORRECT VALUE POSTAGE – EVERY LETTER, EVERY TIME! The DM300M™ Mailmark Complaint incorporates a 5kg integral weighing platform, freeing up desk space and guaranteeing that each letter or package bears the correct postage value. There are also options for 7kg, 12kg and 35kg interfaced weighing platforms. Differential weighing technology enables batches of mixed mail to be processed quickly and efficiently. The differential mail feature means that a collection of mail can be placed on the scale and the machine will calculate the correct postage for each mail piece as it is removed from the pile.

INFORMATION MANAGEMENT! It’s crucial for businesses to account for postage expenses. Departmental or client postage spend can be easily tracked and reported with the 100 accounts available on the DM300M™ Mailmark Compliant. Reports can either be printed or there’s the option of exporting to a PC for further analysis.

EASY TO USE! All controls are fully integrated on one clear easy to use control panel with user-friendly instructions to guide the operator through each stage of processing mail.

HANDLE RATE CHANGES EASILY! IntelliLink® technology allows postage rate changes to occur automatically. No need to grapple replacing a PROM chip anymore.

STRENGTHEN YOUR BRAND! Transform your mail piece into eye-catching communications. Advertise your business on every mail piece with sharp inkjet printing to build your professional image. Print a return address or message alongside your customised slogan to ensure undelivered mail is returned thus improving the accuracy of your mailing database and ultimately reducing expenditure on subsequent mail shots. These are easily entered via a built-in qwerty keyboard.

INCOMING MAIL DATING! Date and time stamping capability ensures your incoming mail is handled efficiently by providing the option of recording when it arrived.